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Public - Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) Certification Prep Course (CHEP-099)

The Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) certification is a real-world healthcare emergency management certification. CHEP credential holders serve in or work with a variety of healthcare organizations including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, public health, coalitions, and first response agencies. Hospital CHEP holders come from a variety of functions such as emergency management, safety, security, occupational health, nursing, risk management, quality improvement, facility management, infection control, and environmental services.

CHEP holders make a difference in helping their organizations maintain proactive, responsive, and flexible emergency management efforts to protect patients, visitors, families, staff, vendors, and practitioners during times of emergencies, disasters, and pandemics. The CHEP serves as the premiere credential for those serving in vital areas of healthcare emergency management. Earning the CHEP certification signifies a professional commitment to excellence and demonstrates a personal dedication to serving and protecting in areas of emergency management and disaster preparedness. This course, along with professional experience, and personal study, will prepare you to sit for the CHEP certification exam.

* Please note that included in the cost of this course are the IBFCSM application and exam fees.
• Completing the training modules does NOT guarantee a student will pass the certification exam.
• Participants sitting for the CHEP exam must complete an application with the IBFCSM.
  • Pre-Work & Supplemental - All Information is Confidential
  • Pre-Reading
  • CHEP Exam Blueprint
  • CHEP Self Study Guide
  • Instructor Bio
  • Module 1 - Healthcare Emergency Management
  • Module 1A Instructional Video
  • Module 1A: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 1B: Instructional Video
  • Module 1B: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 1C: Instructional Video
  • Module 1C: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 1 Quiz (CHEP)
  • Module 2: National Preparedness & Infrastructure Resilience - Part 1
  • Module 2A Instructional Video
  • Module 2A: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 2B: Instructional Video
  • Module 2B: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 2C Instructional Video
  • Module 2C: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 2 Quiz (CHEP)
  • Module 3: National Preparedness & Infrastructure Resilience - Part 2
  • Module 3A Instructional Video
  • Module 3A: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 3B Instructional Video
  • Module 3B: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 3C Instructional Video
  • Module 3C: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 3 Quiz (CHEP)
  • Module 4: Planning, Healthcare Coalitions, & Other Terms
  • Module 4A: Instructional Video
  • Module 4A: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 4B: Instructional Video
  • Module 4B: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 4 Quiz (CHEP)
  • Module 5: Terrorism
  • Module 5A Instructional Video
  • Module 5B Instructional Video
  • Module 5A: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 5B: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 5 Quiz (CHEP)
  • Module 6: Review of Safety
  • Module 6A: Instructional Video
  • Module 6A: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 6B: Instructional Video
  • Module 6B: Knowledge Check (CHEP)
  • Module 6 Quiz (CHEP)
  • CHEP Final Exam
  • CHEP Final Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever